The Bizarre Suite

3d and Animation

Month: January, 2016

Week 19 Progress

Working on finishing page images, t-poses, and have added small moodboards for the two most prominent human characters.




Week 18 Progress

Book Specifications

Standard Landscape, 10×8 in (25-20cm)

Paper : Proline Uncoated, 100# Mohawk Superfine Uncoated

End Sheets: Proline Black

Dust Cover Status: Uncertain

Hardcover seems more professional, but soft cover less expensive and is my personal favorite.


Oh, look, tree and plant concept art and stuff. Cool.


Creature Designs: Medium Nightmare

This is a Medium class Nightmare. He enjoys long crawls on the beach, has several eyes for detail and is a natural redhead. He is also an excellent kisser. 

Unlike the Lesser Nightmares, the Nightmare’s physical form is not particularly strong or nimble, and is relatively uncommon compared to the lesser nightmares. Its specialty is to infiltrate dreams, and it has the power to take control of the dream it invades. If the Nightmare possesses a shepherd’s shard, the theory has it that it may have enough power to attempt to take over the dreamer’s mind. Either the dreamer will go mad in the process, or the Medium may succeed at mind control and breach into the next world through its puppet. Thus far, no successful attempts have been reported.




The stag has been designed further to be added into the Dreaming Forest (provisional name). I continued onwards and it turned into a Concept Art piece. The size of the stag is subject to change, to make the landscape appear larger.


Concept art of the edge of the Dreaming Forest. The prestine scenery is breaking up and is subject to stark winds full of ash from the territories beyond, where the unified forces of Nightmares seem to spawn from.

WIP Haltia with saddle etc.






I have started to set up simple 3d scenes with sunset lighting for perspective and depth assistance. Created two above pictures in Sketchup because I wanted to test the program out, though I’m likely to do more in Maya or MAX.


Also, scribbling some specifics regarding book organisation!

Week 17 Progress


Stag concept has developed into a heavily coated horse with mane and a horn, perhaps not too different from a unicorn, I suppose. I like the developed CA design much better than the original concept that I posted last week. The name on the creature was suggested by a DeviantArt member, and is Elf in Finnish.



I have done precious little environment creation previously, and I find it extremely difficult. Perspective can be tricky, and I find the process of moving from thumbnail until a fuller and more finished appearance in grayscale is difficult. I am not happy with the current progress, but I have put many hours into my drawings, and I am looking up several tutorials in order to learn more. Will continue to work more in this next week as well.



Aaaand just a few more creature designs, because why not.


Week 16 Progress


I have designed and developed visual concept for the main antagonist, Yuri, in her dragon form. Yuri is the boss nightmare responsible for the havoc in the dreaming realm, and her primary form is that of a black dragon with a red pulse of light in her chest, and running up her throat. Another characteristic of this particular dragon is that there’s thick black smoke instead of skin between the wing’s structure. Side pose is finished with cut off wings for a better view of shoulder and higher back areas. Originally consisting of a multitude of nightmares forged into one being, the dragon can breathe black smoke to unleash nightmare minions.a66b2o0



The lesser nightmare design has been amended to better match the boss nightmare’s visual appearance and has been upgraded from the idea of a smoky wolf creature (I read somewhere that wolves are too often used anyway, so the design was in need of improvement anyway). The dragon will have sort of a black smoke breath instead of the traditional firebreath, and will be able to create lesser nightmares that will spawn from her smoke.



A light canine appearance has been kept (I still like wolves, so there), but it has a more scaly and original (in my opinion, that is) appearance than the previous designs, and so I am much more happy with it.


I entertain the thought of using some form of deer animal for transportation and working purposes, much like a horse.


I also drew a quick doodle of some kind of airborne whale sort of creature with weird characteristics.Weirdo-whale.png



I am redesigning my characters to hopefully offer the characters a more animation friendly visual style. Am currently pondering his hairstyle. Am leaning towards a neater version of the ones to the right, but I am very biased.



Redesigned her visual appearance and style.


Have received varying feedback on which appearance suits people the most, but I seem to always return to top right.



Lighter, less vibrant hair than her big sister, Enya. Have yet to determine which hairstyle I prefer. And I’ve received the comment that she looks pregnant, so will def have to slim her up a little bit.


Estimated time spent on project this week: 22