Week 18 Progress

by marianneeie

Book Specifications

Standard Landscape, 10×8 in (25-20cm)

Paper : Proline Uncoated, 100# Mohawk Superfine Uncoated

End Sheets: Proline Black

Dust Cover Status: Uncertain

Hardcover seems more professional, but soft cover less expensive and is my personal favorite.


Oh, look, tree and plant concept art and stuff. Cool.


Creature Designs: Medium Nightmare

This is a Medium class Nightmare. He enjoys long crawls on the beach, has several eyes for detail and is a natural redhead. He is also an excellent kisser. 

Unlike the Lesser Nightmares, the Nightmare’s physical form is not particularly strong or nimble, and is relatively uncommon compared to the lesser nightmares. Its specialty is to infiltrate dreams, and it has the power to take control of the dream it invades. If the Nightmare possesses a shepherd’s shard, the theory has it that it may have enough power to attempt to take over the dreamer’s mind. Either the dreamer will go mad in the process, or the Medium may succeed at mind control and breach into the next world through its puppet. Thus far, no successful attempts have been reported.




The stag has been designed further to be added into the Dreaming Forest (provisional name). I continued onwards and it turned into a Concept Art piece. The size of the stag is subject to change, to make the landscape appear larger.


Concept art of the edge of the Dreaming Forest. The prestine scenery is breaking up and is subject to stark winds full of ash from the territories beyond, where the unified forces of Nightmares seem to spawn from.

WIP Haltia with saddle etc.






I have started to set up simple 3d scenes with sunset lighting for perspective and depth assistance. Created two above pictures in Sketchup because I wanted to test the program out, though I’m likely to do more in Maya or MAX.


Also, scribbling some specifics regarding book organisation!