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Month: February, 2016

ExpoTees 2016 & Week 23

Expotees 2016

Earlier today I learned that several of my fellow students have been accepted into ExpoTees, and I was positive that I would not be amongst the lucky ones to be accepted. After checking my University email, I am surprised and happy to announce that I have been accepted to exhibit at ExpoTees in May 2016! I am really excited about this, and it definitely gives an extra motivational boost, which is most welcome at this time when the deadline for the project is rapidly approaching! 🙂

Further Environment Design

These are some older drawings of the first environments!

I am currently working on the third environment. The environment focus is death and decay. I have found inspiration in WW environments. No flora grows here and the flourish of colours seen in the other environments is replaced by browns. Note the Watcher has finally been added to his natural environment on the picture to the left.

The Watcher


The watcher is another nightmare design. The lesser nightmares represent physical force, and the medium nightmares represent psychic powers. He is one of a kind, stalking the dead territories where the nightmare presence has sucked all life out of the land.

Slow and stiff of movement, he patrols the deceased landscape, relatively easy to spot because of the lantern he carries along with him. He will not chase or physical attack intruders. He shares an active psychic connection with other nightmares however, and once his watchful eye has found an intruding presence, every nightmare creature in the relative area will be telepathically notified and drawn to their location.

Short and sweet, you don’t want to be caught by this guy.


Designing the Art Book

I am currently designing the book itself, using Blurb’s own program to set it together. It’s a very interesting process to say the least. I realize that I should have done this earlier in order to better distinguish what added visual art I should add in order to create an attractive design and appearance for the book. Either way, progress is moving along nicely. I will have to cut, rescale and amend several of my existing works to achieve the appearance I desire.



Week 21 Progress, P1

This week is Animex 2016 week, and there will not be much time to work on the project. I have signed up on Dave Paget’s workshop: Digital Painting: The fundamentals of Environment Development. I am certain I will learn a lot from this session, and am looking very much forward to it. I remain very new to environmental art, but I have discovered that I am truly starting to like it when I in the very beginning outright disliked it.

This week I’ll finally be focusing some on props, both for characters and environmental, and flora.


More to come, naturally! There will be further visual designs truer to previously posted plant sketches, coloured. More flora will also be introduced.


Environmental Props


Scattered about this realm of dreams, there are runestones with infused gems. These stones are typically found standing on elevated ground in clearings or meadows. They act as doors between this realm and the dreams of sleeping human beings, where thoughts, ideas and dreams pass to their rightful, sleeping recipients.



I also plan to rewrite and post a better in-depth version of my project’s plot and story. A near finished version has been in existence since the early weeks of the projects, but have not been cleaned up and posted to my blog.

Week 20 Progress

Finished t-pose, expressionboard and concept art for Yuri, the tangible memory of the protagonist’s dead sister.

I have also completed another piece of concept art for the forest environment, catching a glimpse of a wandering isle in the distance.