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Month: May, 2016

25 – 05

These days I am accepting a few small individual commissions to practice anatomy and… because of the nature of these particular commissions, fur! I think they are coming along nicely. It reminds me of how far I’ve come in one year.


I am currently still working some on the graduation movie that my group created for our final year project, and I am also plotting a few own personal projects that I wish to do this summer to expand my knowledge and expertise in both 2D and 3D.

I’ve also created a website for my portfolio, which can be found here:




The Casualty

I am proud to present my final year group short film.

The Casualty is a short film about Tazio Nuvolari as a young man in WW1 several years before he became known as one of the greatest racing drivers that Italy has ever seen. The short is rendered with toon shader and AO and the textures are inspired by the art deco style of that era.

This product was the Final Year Group Project for BA (Hons) Computer Character Animation at Teesside University 2015 – 2016.

I was the art director of this project. My pre-production roles were character and environment concept artist and storyboard artist. In the production stage, I was the texturer and I also was responsible for the audio mix and documentation/project log. My showreels for this project are available below.

Dream Walker – a visual development art book

For my Final Year Project for BA (Hons) Computer Character Animation at Teesside University 2015-2016, I created a visual development art book for a potential animation film production. 

My main goal was to learn more about the visual stages of pre-production, and I wished to improve my digital design skills. 

The end product is a physical art book with concept art and information about selected characters, creatures, environments and props of the story, Dream Walker. The book’s volume is 61 pages.

There is also a digital version of the book, which is available via link here.

I have created a very short reel of concept motion art, where I have animated layers and added some particles to the artworks via Adobe After Effects. The reel is embedded below.

The Dream Walker story remains an active project of mine, and I hope to further expand the idea and its concepts and one day produce it.