Dream Walker – a visual development art book

by marianneeie

For my Final Year Project for BA (Hons) Computer Character Animation at Teesside University 2015-2016, I created a visual development art book for a potential animation film production. 

My main goal was to learn more about the visual stages of pre-production, and I wished to improve my digital design skills. 

The end product is a physical art book with concept art and information about selected characters, creatures, environments and props of the story, Dream Walker. The book’s volume is 61 pages.

There is also a digital version of the book, which is available via link here.

I have created a very short reel of concept motion art, where I have animated layers and added some particles to the artworks via Adobe After Effects. The reel is embedded below.

The Dream Walker story remains an active project of mine, and I hope to further expand the idea and its concepts and one day produce it.