Portfolio 02: Character Animation 2014

by marianneeie

2014 Demo Reel Shot Breakdown, by Marianne Eie

Shot 01: Weekly Assignment Character Animation 02 : Walk Cycle. The walk cycle of a confident young woman. I chose a realistic approach to the animation.
Shot 02: Weekly Assignment Character Animation 03 : More Cycles. The sneak cycle for a mad scientist. Cartoony approach, with weight on a comical, yet mad and slightly creepy scientist.
Shot 03: Project 02 : Animation Cycles Project. A happy skipping cycle. A hybrid between happy cartoony/realistic approach. Animation seen from three different angles.
Shot 04: Project 02: Animation Cycles Project. A limping walk cycle. Added a twist and attached a peg leg to one the character’s legs. I feel it is important to note that it is different from the usual peg leg walk cycle. A person usually walks with the appearance of a limp in the remaining leg, yet I shortened the peg leg slightly and added details to signify that the peg leg was badly fitted, and that it is painful for the character to put weight on it. Hence, the limp is actually in the peg leg, and not the other way around, as it would be in a healthy person with a simple replacement leg. Animation seen from three different angles.
Shot 05: Character Animation 04 : Movement and Weight. A character pushing a heavy box along the floor. I used the Dee rig, and gave him a dumb persona, resulting in the character falling face flat into the ground because he does not adjust his footing after slipping.
Shot 06: Character Animation 06: Acting Drills. Narrow corridor with a ladder leaning diagonally across the full width of the room. Character is superstitious and does not dare to walk under a ladder. The character almost passes under the ladder, but realises just before it is too late. He then moves around the ladder, having to climb upon the lowest step to get past. I decided on a cartoony feel on the animation, which I feel really shows just as he realises he is about to walk under the ladder.